Unraveling the now, while working on the next...

Here are a few things I just had to get off my chest.

Before I start, just let me say that I really want the grid to succeed. The concept is still solid, and with a few more knobs and a little more polish I won’t even consider reverting back to a static site on S3…

There were over 46 issues on this page alone last time I looked - https://validator.w3.org

The assets are scattered over at least 5 locations, meaning the site suffers from increased latency and can’t benefit from recent enhancements like http2.

To add to the latency, many of the assets are not minified / compressed, and make up around 20% of the requests.

If you add all the assets on the page, you end up with a total size of 63.3MB. Try rendering that on a mobile with 3 bars of connection.

Region specific but still something you need to consider.

Like 10 seconds page load slow. Of course if the above items are fixed, things would be much improved.

Kudos to the mobile friendliness score tho!

If you have an issue with your site, you don’t want to wait 24Hrs+ before you get a response (weekends included, the web never sleeps).

I raised an issue with thegrid.io support yesterday about the performance of this site and was told

A kind human will get back to you in less than 24 hours.

Well it’s now 24Hrs and I have yet to get a response.

Take a look at the logo at the top of the page. You can’t see the text right? That’s because the colors chosen by the AI didn’t take into account the images on the page.

In fact, some text on the page is hard to read, due to the lack of contrast against the background.

High Tech meets Low Tech at the 2017 London AWSome Day

Happy New Year!


Home made Oliebollen! It's New Years Eve....

Concept2 PM5

My PM3 finally gave up the ghost the other day so I decided to take the plunge and shell out for a PM5. The Bluetooth link allows me to use the ErgData app to upload instantly to the logbook - plus I found a use for the old Nexus 4!

Now lets see if I can complete the Dog Days Challenge over the next few weeks...

Arrived just in time for the weekend!

That’s my Sunday sorted…

When it's raining outside….

And relax….

Picked this up on the way to completing the Dog Days Of Summer Challenge

Tower Bridge

Lunch by the river


Withdrawal by Wave2

I started this back in January and never got around to finishing it, like most tracks I make. I decided to upload as is to clean the canvas.

Achievement unlocked

ElectroSub by Wave2

Out of the rain it appeared, and just as quickly it vanished...